Expostores Blockchain in Trade & Supply chains

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Rewiring Trade Finance using Blockchain

Real World Supply Chain Traceability using Blockchains We have successfully implemented Blockchain Product Traceability & Funds Tracking for two Global Clients, Talk to Us

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tradeChain Capabilities

Solving Global $8Trillion open account Trade Finance Market
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Identity & KYC - For All Supply chain partners, robust and secure

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TradeChain allows one to follow and track the ‘journey’ of product, including a product tagging and valid audit trail. It is useful in a wide variety of processes such as: Exchange of confidential business documents, transfer of shipping documents or orders and order confirmations.

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Traceability - Tracking of quantity and transfers of material between Supply Chain partners or thinking of ‘smart tendering’ (containers equipped with tags publish a request to get from A to B on a platform; freight forwarders will subsequently place bids to win the order).

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Reduce or eliminate fraud and errors

Difficult and challenging process of traceability is automated, simplified and accelerated by efficient use of Blockchain technology and corresponding electronic tracking technology .

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