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Country based Tax Rate search (ie. India GST search )

Taxes on products are taxes that are payable per unit of some good or service produced or transacted . Check for the tax rate on the specific product based on name or HS code.

Currency Converter

Convert the value or quantity of one currency into the relative values or quantities of other currencies using currency converter. The Rate is updated every 120 min. Base Rate is US Dollar.

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Invocing and Billing

Create commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer and a seller.If goods or services were purchased on credit, the invoice usually specifies the terms of the deal, and provide information on the available methods of payment. An invoice is also known as a bill or sales invoice.

Import and export duty calculator

Depending on the products you purchase, your country’s customs agency may determine you owe a duty or tax. Nearly every shipment that crosses an international border is subject to the assessment of duties and taxes. Each country determines the assessment of duties and taxes differently. Calculate the import and export duty tax on various ports in Different countries.

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E-commerce integration

TUsing an API, you can connect your product catalog webpages directly with a TradeDash database that shares detailed information about the products you sell. You can use this API to display brand images, product descriptions, detailed product specifications, and full product titles directly from a global database of products. In this way you can auto-populate a product catalog content on your online retail website using a product information API.

Accounting Software Integration

Authenticate with your Accounting Software Online accounts and Import your Chart of Accounts. Export your receipts to Accounting Software Online and categorize them during the process. Manage all your invoices and billings centrally using TradeDash

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